Wedding In Innsbruck – Austria

Wedding In Innsbruck – Austria

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Destination Wedding in Innsbruck

Tyrolean wedding


Alex and Melany are two splendid boys with Italian origins who have lived for a long time in the beautiful Innsbruck in Austria.

I remember how it was the first phone call with Melany today.
I was in India between the chaos of the machines and the claxons, but from the first moment, the harmony with the future bride was really special.
We set the wedding date together and decided to make this beautiful photo shoot in the small but charming Innsbruck

A truly unique marriage, characterized by the presence of the two spouses’ daughters.
Little Sofia and Lara, two wonderful little girls who made the wedding day even more special.

We arrived in Austria two days before the event, welcomed as family members.
We spent several hours together with the future spouses and their little ones, between a beer and a pizza, finishing the evening playing the PlayStation with the future groom.

In this fantastic friendly climate, the wedding day began at 8:00
The bride and groom prepared themselves in the same house, obviously without being able to see each other.
Thanks to the wonderful Tyrolean clothes, our photos were even more special and spontaneous.

It was really very special, we made reportage shots, aimed at telling the full story of this fantastic day.
From the capricious little girls who didn’t want to dress, to the most intimate moments of preparation, until they got to the first glimpse that Paolo and Melany exchanged when the bride came down the stairs for the first time in a wedding dress, accompanied by the two girls.
A sweet hug and a few tears, before going to the town of Innsbruck to celebrate the wedding ceremony, under a fantastic golden roof.

The spouses were accompanied by their parents and friends, dressed in typical Tyrolean clothes.
After the celebration, we took some shots in the streets of the old town before going to the typical Italian restaurant owned by the couple.

Thanks to the friendship created with this wonderful new family, it will forever be a marriage that I will carry in my heart.


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  1. Love the B&W treatment, great story telling