It is a photo shoot that is carried out in the times preceding the day
of wedding. It is a great opportunity for the couple to get to know the photographer, the staff, and all their equipment. A photographic session that the couple can decide to create in spectacular places that are rigorously suited to their needs, based more on the character and personality of the couple, without neglecting the fun. It's a very dynamic service that does not include poses, but shots in suggestive locations, from the report to shots with a strong emotional impact. It is a service that can be carried out all over the world with the availability of travel arrangements: Paris, Dubai, Berlin, Barcelona and any other place you have chosen.

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To better capture the day of the yes, it is advisable to start to include every detail. It starts with the little things, like the preparations, the dressing, up to the emotion that a simple look or a hug they can give as gifts. The emotions accompany us throughout the photo shoot, from the religious or civil ceremony to the cocktail party and the party, always surrounded by a discreet atmosphere able to capture unique and unrepeatable moments. Our goal is to tell the story of the wedding day without interfering with the actual course of events. Here comes our style, a mix between reportage and pose, which we love to call "emotional pose". I love telling stories through my camera and this is the reason why in every wedding my mission is to describe a love story in a personal and unique way, letting events flow naturally. I also love taking care of every detail leaving ample space for the story of the day.

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Is a photo shoot that is made after the wedding, in which the newlyweds will be immortalized in spectacular settings: beach, mountain or in any other suggestive place you come to mind. An opportunity for the newlyweds to wear their clothes again, this time without the adrenaline of the wedding day and without bothering to spoil them. All this to be able to get shots "outside the box". During the wedding day, time will be spent on the photos of "couple", usually never enough to be able to get unique shots, this is why this kind of really dynamic service, which leads the couple to take pictures in nearby places but even far away. You just have to choose Paris, Dubai, New York, or any other place to realize your "dream". The important thing is to get really impressive and fun shots, to add to the wedding memory.

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We work with companies that produce quality, Made in Italy photo albums, characterized by meticulous attention to the materials, research, and experimentation, as well as for the accuracy of the details. The photo album is the right frame to preserve over time the beauty and the most beautiful emotions in the world.


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