Questions & answers

In this section i respond to some of the frequently asked questions that i have been asked by the couple, hoping that it will be useful to clarify my personal way of working

In which city do you work?

I work all over the Italian territory and for some years i have decided to expand my horizons by creating international services.
Obviously the travel expenses are always calculated together with the spouses.
For trips outside Calabria sometimes it takes several days.

Are you available for international photo shoots?

Yes, i love traveling and immortalizing different cultures. I have made various international services; Paris Berlin, Dubai, Barcelona, India, London, and more.

It will be you photograph our wedding?

Yes, it is a corporate prerogative to offer exclusivity for every day. My presence is therefore assured less than a sudden international event occurred, a rare event that would still be managed by the team in an equally professional and creative way.

Can we meet you before booking?

We always prefer to know each other beforehand. I receive in my studio in Reggio Calabria and i am also available at pre-arranged meetings or alternatively via Skype.