Workshop One to One Pasquale Minniti

Workshop One to One Pasquale Minniti

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You are a professional photographer and you are tired of the usual workshops !!!


I’ve created what’s right for you. A one-to-one photo workshop that will allow you to “capture” all the “tricks” of my work. A full immersion in my “open” world for three days completely to you.

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-What should a photographer go to participate in the workshop?


The desire to improve because together we will study your style and we will fill in some gaps. The particularity of the course is that you decide which topics to study, personalizing your path in every aspect, from shooting to the entire workflow, post-production and everything related to this sector.
We will talk about everything from the preparations to the approach with the client to the destination wedding, which today is one of the most coveted objectives of every wedding photographer.

(During my journey of growth I have formed what I am. My pictures are represented by my unique style which has now become my trademark. In addition, thanks to the countless awards received in recent years, my style is recognized throughout the world and it is thanks to it if I have obtained a broad vision of the wedding world.)


How will the workshop be organized?

The workshop will be structured in two days, the third day is optional, therefore, the photographer will choose whether to continue. This is real coaching, aimed at deepening the chosen topics. Obviously, for all members, it is necessary to put their experiences into practice by combining them with everything they will acquire.
We will dedicate the first day at my office in Reggio Calabria, (availability to carry out the workshop in other cities) we will do a comprehensive reading of your portfolio, necessary to know your style. We will look at my work behind the scenes and analyze my technique and my ideas in every wedding. The second day will be the most important one, you will live next to me the experience of a real marriage. An opportunity that will see us engaged throughout its duration and you can touch with hand all the themes related to wedding photography. You will observe my approach and how to manage the wedding. The last day, not less important, we will dedicate ourselves to the post-production of all the work done on the day of the ceremony. I will explain step by step the way I use the programs. In short, I will reveal my personality and my way of working, opening my world to you. The quality of the training offer is guaranteed by years of experience, constant study, fieldwork and a lot of determination.
Obviously, each course is totally personalized, so every photographer can choose the topics to be treated.

My fantastic 2018

Top 10 Fearless Photos Judge collection 46

Wedding Photojournalist Association – WPJA
2nd Runner Up for 2018 – Top 3

ISPWP top 4 in 2018 First Place Winter Collection

Master of Italian wedding
Photographer of the Year 2017-2018

Inspiration Photographers Photographer of the Year

Now I have to work hard for a dream year 2019



How much ?


1 Day EURO 750,00

2 Day 900,00

3 Day 1100,00

+tax 22%







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