Photographer of the Year 2019- Fdb Spain

Photographer of the Year 2019- Fdb Spain

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The FdB Awards photo contest is five years old. During this period the competition has grown in number and quality. Thanks to the participation of passionate photographers and committed to offering an exceptional job.

In this edition we have the participation of international photographers and judges from more than six countries and two continents. In the four disputed rounds we received over 5,500 photographs and only 341 of them received an award.

The judges carefully evaluated the images and awarded only 6% of the photographs received. This ensures that the selected images are a sample of excellence and quality in this field.

The challenge was complicated, the level of the competition is very high and reaching one of the top ten positions requires great commitment and dedication. The race for first place was opened last.

Finally, the photographer Pasquale Minniti won the first prize by winning the title of Photographer of the year 2019 with a total of 22 winning photographs. The winner received a Fujifilm F100X camera and a 1000 euro bonus for investing in Alboom products.