Pasquale Minniti Wedding International Photographer

Pasquale Minniti was born in Reggio Calabria in 1985, from an early age he developed his passion for photography. From the purchase of his first camera that becomes his inevitable companion of adventures, he began to immortalize every place he visited. Everything flows and with his skills and skills he ranks among the best in a contest that projects him into a new reality: becoming a photographer
official RTL. An experience that marks in particular his adventures, catapulting him in trips and tours around Italy.

Thanks to his passion, which has always pushed him to grow and improve, he begins to follow the events of great artists of the Italian music scene including: Giorgia, Laura Pausini, Neffa, Alessandra Amoroso, Modà. In 2010, he decided to create his own photography studio, one of the main objectives of his life: to make the passion become a real job. In July 2010, the first marriage, from here, a long series of increasingly requested services. By investing their time, Photo4U and Pasquale Minniti, at a short distance they finally become a great local and international reality.
Thanks to my passion, simple ideas are transformed into images full of emotions. I love how a single image can change a person's mood, passing from one emotion to another in a few
seconds. I like making simple but meaningful photos, working with very little material and lots of creativity.

The perfect mix between reportage and pose, is what I like to call "emotional pose". I love telling stories through my camera and this is why in every marriage my mission is to describe a love story in a personal and unique way, letting events flow naturally. I love taking care of every detail to give space to the story of the day.

To date Pasquale Minniti is confirmed in the rankings of the best wedding photographers in the world, receiving several awards among the most coveted, such as Fearless and ISPWP, among the most difficult competitions that saw Pasquale ranked in 2017 among the top twelve photographers in the world . Among the many awards stand out several awards at the WPPI of Las Vegas and photographer of the year in 2017 in Masters Of Italian Weddind
Phographer. Thanks to these awards, his photos have been published in world magazines, including Huffpost, The Sun, BBC, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror. In addition to exercising their work throughout the territory
national, has made several international services in places like Paris, Dubai, Berlin, Barcelona, Zurich, New Delhi in India. In 2018 Pasquale begins to undertake the study of photojournalism and the
street photography, realizing a project in India on women and on this fantastic country. The development of this kind of style will continue, carrying out projects that will see it immortalizing cultures and countries in the world.

- The juice of success?
- "I do not think that success is based on the fact of taking a good picture but on the ability to take pictures
that can tell a story and that can remember the emotions even after years ".